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About OLSC


The Oneida Lake Sailing Club is a family oriented group of sailors sailing out of South Bay at the eastern end of Oneida Lake in central New York State. Our clubhouse is located at Callahan's Marina, but we have members at Callahan's Marina, Pier 31 and other marinas at the east end of the lake. Club activities include cruising, racing, sail training and social activities. Our activities run year round with parties and winter training sessions as well as events during the sailing season.


The Oneida Lake Sailing Club(OLSC) was originated by Mike Perretta and Bernie Rymarchyk, two engineers from the Syracuse area who enjoyed sailing and kept their boats docked at the Oneida Lake Marina. A constitution and by-laws were created for the club during the winter of 1971-1972 and by November, a roster of members included 31 sailboats. 

OLSC membership stands at some 60+ members today. The size of sailboats owned by members averages 22 to 40 feet, but also includes powerboats as well, all boaters are welcome to join the club.


We are now officially a Cooperating Group with Boat U.S. We have additional materials to hand out to members. When you renew your membership in Boat U.S. give them our Group Number: GA84636B to renew your membership for half price.

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